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The Benefits to Sheet Metal Fabricators that Come from Moving from 2D to 3D CAD Technology

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The fact is that in as much as there is already available the 3D model for workflows in the sheet metal fabrication industry there are some of the fabricators that are still stuck to the use of the 2D drawings anyway. The drawings play an important role in these processes as it is with them that the production plans are developed. The purchasing department will use them for the technical packages and for the other departments such as quality and marketing will rely on the drawings to come up with the different publications.

This said and done, you need to know of the fact that the use 2D is quite still prevalent and as a matter of fact is affecting so much productivity. As a matter of fact, one of the things that you need to know of about the 2D drawings is in the fact that with them there is not achieved as much in the collaboration necessary between departments and as well they do not allow for the communication of the design intent as clearly. You as well need to know of the fact that the 2D drawings as well happen to be quite hard to manage and are quite exposed to chances of errors and mistakes and all these will eventually lead to miscommunication and wastage in the production process. It is actually as a result of such facts that it is quite advisable for the sheet metal fabrication companies still stuck to 2D drawings and designs to immediately start thinking of shifting to the use of the 3D drawings. Check it out here for some of the sure benefits and reasons why it would be as advisable for a sheet metal fabricator out there who hasn't yet implemented the 3D CAD technology for their processes to immediately take the steps to make this radical shift in their processes. But all in all, one thing that needs to be taken into account as we move forward is the fact that looking at the ever changing landscape of sheet metal fabrication and CAD technology, you need to appreciate the fact that shifting to 3D CAD drawings will be the only solution for a company that is looking forward to remaining as highly productive and as well as profitable going forward in this field of design work and sheet metal fabrication. For more info watch the video.

Talking of the benefits that will accrue to a sheet metal fabrication company out of the use of the 3D drawings is in the fact that these allow for higher accuracy in the designs, better quality and on top of these, help check on scrap at the end of it all. See more information here on the 3D CAD technologies which would be of such immense help to your company as from SOLIDWORKS 3D product.

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